The Optical society named after D.S. Rozhdestvensky was established in 1990 as a voluntary, self-governed, nonprofit, creative international public organization, a successor of the Russian Optical Society operating in Russia in 1922-1929.
     The necessity of resuming the activities of the Optical Society arose due to the wide development of optics, optical methods, creation of new optical materials, instruments and technologies at the new stage of scientific and technical progress in the end of 90-ies. At this period in many countries of the world, together with scientific and industrial centres, nonprofit optical societies started to be established or to be more active. Their activities were aimed at promoting the development of scientific and applied optics, data exchange and propagation of knowledge in the field of optics and its applications in various spheres of science and technology.
     The Society was created on the initiative and basis of the Vavilov State Optical Institute. On the decision of the Constitutive (First) Meeting the Society was given the name of a prominent Russian physicist, the organizer of scientific and applied optics in USSR, academician D.S. Rozhdestvensky.
     For almost more than ten years of its activities the Society has carried out an important and comprehensive work in accordance with its Bylaws targets and tasks. Four meetings of the Society were held, the Presidium was in seat monthly to consider the current problems.
     The departments of the Society, its committees and scientific and technical sessions work regularly. Presently 6 departments (the Moscow, the St.Petersburg, the Urals, the "Podmoskoviye", the Povolzhie, the Siberian) and two representatives (in the Ukraine and in Byelorussia) are in operation.
     The Society took part in 40 large-scale scientific and technical events including 17 international meetings. It carries out active cooperation with optical societies of other countries.
     The Society has its organ of the press - "Optichesky Vestnik" ("Optical Herald") which regularly publishes the information on the work of the meetings and the Presidium of the Society, on the international events carried out with its participation, on foreign scientific trips of the members of the Society.
     The Society has established its awards, including the medals of D.S. Rozhdestvensky, S.I. Vavilov, A.A. Lyebyedyev, S.A. Zvyeryev, S.E. Friesch and Honorary Diplomas awarded to the members of the Society who made significant personal contributions into the development of optical science and technology.

Contact persons:
President of the Optical Society named after D.S. Rozhdestvensky - professor Vladimir N. Vasilyev
Executive Director - Vladimir M. Arpishkin
Phone/fax: (812) 328-1335
Mailing address: 199034, Saint Petersburg, Birjevaya Liniya, 12